A Dove's Soul

As midnight stars cross their own hazy trails

Two souls gazed into the heavens

They wondered could this be it or is there...

When its there,

When the feelings really there,

You can’t deny it

You don’t need words

These two spoke from across their worlds.

Brought to earth in a heavenly,

lively rainbow of stars.

Upon her dawn breaks

She is born.

Into to a life of magic,


Things she couldn’t possibly understand.

She is born and awakens.

She opens her eyes

To see life for the first time

In some unknown way

She still feels her star crossed lover

Opening his eyes

As his life has just begun

He sees her and her him

For the first time

they say hi and awaken to dawn.

Her eyes are deep,


Filled with a gaze of beauty.

She loves life

She can feel it,

She wants to live, love,

Experience everything there is.

Where are her eyes now.

As she is here on earth

Where is she now?

As she awakes;

She greets the morning

With praise from the sun

She sees and understands.

Her legs stretch

Arms reach towards the sky.

A subtle yawn and rub against silky skin.

She rubs out the daze and gently gets up to live.

It is a new day again

Another experience, another life

Again a new world to live and a new reason to help.

Its eyes,

It’s all in eyes for people.

Mystical mirrors,

Guiding hallways to the enigma of our souls.

People don’t say what they mean with their eyes...


They drown themselves

In the truths they have sworn to live by

Those truths

They may be nothing more than

The rules,

The restrictions

Of a society

One we have chosen to live in.

Men cloud their eyes

With the truths of men

Sometimes their eyes become not like mystical mirrors,

But instead unbreakable unbeatable shields

To protect from any thought,

From all life that exists outside their own world,

This world is nothing

Only they can see it.

These are not the men that open their eyes

Like those dazed by a billion colors and lights

Those who paint a picture of existence on their mind.

They are beautiful,

Those men and women that allow their eyes to accept

The celestial blue beams of the mother of the ocean.

They are truly beautiful.

When their eyes are open

It is not logic

Or control

Or drive

Or fear

They see in the energy of their kindred.

It is what people see in them that they can see in others,

Love .,....

They are in love

Not just with a concept a game or soul,

But life and love it self.

It is this that we see in them.

That they feel for us

It is what they are,

who they are.

Their eyes are looking for someone to experience it with.

And they met for the first time,

They saw deep, far and further than they knew

Into each others souls

There is magic in hands.

They are glorious

More powerful than any of mans creations.

Hands can tell us the truth.

They can break walls,

Mold worlds

Most use their hands to show mystery

Explain the unknown

Few use their hands to tell someone they exist

It’s more than they can see

Say or even think.”

A gentle touch

A caress across her palm, and

A flush of new color of life,

Now just a question; of her own world.

Who am I?

Their fingers fall into their hands

A touch of existence,

bliss, ... magic.

Hands create magic and wonder

They are great

To those who want to learn.

Magic is mystery yet untold

Our hands open the door way

To a world without words,

So they learned their entire lives

From their hands,

From fingertips to thumb wars

They knew everything,

They sat in silence

To hear their hearts tell them more.

Then she awoke

opened her eyes and…

He was there!...

hi do you want to see the world”

I brought her to the edge of the galaxy

a place of wonder and maze.

I brought her to the edge of existence,

she awoke in a place she’s never been,

a new galaxy,

Something she’s never seen at home,

Something she’s never seen in life.

She is amazed.

We sat for awhile.

For a long time we just listened.

Not to the superficial

Harsh realities of nature and life

But, that lingering question between our own true essence.

We listened and sat on the edge of the world

About to fall off.

Feeling, waiting, wondering

We spent our time in the true catacombs of life.

We journeyed through them

Across lines of passion, past and future.

Finally I looked into her eyes,

Her daughters of the moon

I saw for the first time


I kissed her

We dreamed into each others lives.

I felt her

It was more than touch

It was life

for the first time

for a moment

the truth of beauty was released

I was amazed.

I held her,….

And spoke

I.... I want you to feel free forever”