A foreword on affection.

To know without knowing see without seeing and feel with out feeling and say “NOTHING”

It’s all about the feel the flow the energy inside. Everything and everyone. They get it the feel the love and the life of all men they get it perfectly and completely and for once understand and know and just get it why they are here. That’s not love. Its not. No,

... .. Its fleeting fading, like the freedom of desire and passion has lit the fires of lust, burned them to their core and sparked for a second with all the energy in the universe and then with out notice or reason all the sudden the lights go out and the fire is extinguished sooner then it began. Before they left the car the passion is gone and the love they had for a second the mystery and excitement is gone the flame dowsed by the waters of fear and addiction and always love. Why can’t they just release themselves to the moment and just feel it. The exotic desire to be free, to love and to be loved and exist in nature as they never had on earth. It’s the moment the instant and second they love and the flash when it exists. When it exists and they both know it they feel it and then they must dwell on it and live there and understand without fear just for a second, beauty.

Without fear they can’t exist in love in fear, it’s not possible you can’t, you just can’t truly love and feel the soul of someone if you’re afraid. They can’t be afraid of anything thing, to ride the snake without fear no matter what might happen. When they’re not afraid they understand and can look deep into each other into their own souls and see everything, but they will see everything and they have to be willing to accept and know that every part of this person you love this true desire this bliss, this sublime, it is everything and there is nothing, no addiction, no fear anymore Now it is love and you lie there with her in bliss. You just know its great just wondrous perfect and the only thing you fear is if there is something in this world that could take this beautiful creation away from you, nothing.