A Pleasure Seeking Society of Inbred Inebriates”

Windows to our souls,

Filled with all our hopes and dreams.

Window to our soul,

To our blood lusting power fiend.

A friend who we once cherished,

Now has gone away.

There is no place left to run,

And everything’s gone astray.

Rushing through the vomitous,

Into the dark alley way.

I watch the open roads,

A dark desolate highway light.

Humans fallen to the ground,

You all close your windows in fear of night.

Finding the pain of a new day and opening your heart.

The grace of a simple flower now tears your mind apart.

There is nothing in the dark,

Yet there is no place you’d rather be.

It is your imagination.

It is the only place we’re free.

Don’t look up or down it is right in front, can’t you see?

The window to our soul, watch it glimmer. LISTEN TO ME!

Don’t look away don’t turn around just sit beside me now.

Just sit beside me listening just uh waiting for that sound