A True Story

(about Brandon And Mike )


Sharing of things just stuff, we talked.

Me on his bed

him on his computer.

We were completely absorbed.

It’s been at least six months since I’ve slept here.

He’s my brother I loved him

and we just talked all night.

Until I went back into my room

and closed the door.


I had no idea what happened.

I didn’t know what to do.

I wanted to cry.

To scream.

All my mom could do on the ride to the hospital was blame,

and accuse me

of getting him high, helping him to die.

I didn’t, why would I; I couldn’t

And then I saw him there,

His eyes glassy

and pupils dilated.

He seemed to recognize me,

but I couldn’t really hear him talk

sometimes though brothers can have other ways

to let things out,

he told me something

I thought he was gonna die

I wanted to save him,

But they wanted me to let go

to leave.


I talked to her all the way to the parking lot,

everything I thought what we could maybe do to help him,

but she hated me.

She thought I did this,

that I gave him drugs

So, she told me I was acting weird.

She said I should talk to some people.

We weren’t leaving until I did.

I told her fine.

It doesn’t matter.

I’ll go

I thought maybe this would prove something.


Two more motion sensor sliding doors, a short hallway and a man at a desk

Who after my mom and him spoke in whispered tones;

politely asks if I wouldn’t mind waiting by the phones

so she could tell them how crazy I was,

what I did to my brother

and what I was planning on doing to myself

and it sounded perfect.

They spoke to me for a short time.

After which they told me I could either…

politely walk through two crazy one way doors

or I could be escorted in by the police,

who they said had just been called.

So I left my mom, my personal possessions, even my clothes

and I went in

for the second time this life.


Scared, worried, confused and distraught

I removed all my clothes

and I put on their standard green and white with ties in the back johnny.

I left the bathroom

and all I had left was taken and locked in a “safe place”.

The I was told I could wait,

I could wait for the doctor.

They refused answer or response to any and all questions about my brother,

……or when I could leave.

Nervous and very concerned, I believe I asked if there was anything I could do.

A very short black orderly intercepted my question,

replied, and expected absolute obedience in my response.


The short black orderly informed me I could either sit in a chair

or watch T.V.

I sat in a room with a chair facing the T.V.

He asked “What are you doing”!

Watching T.V.

oh and sitting down”, I said.

He informed me I was testing him,

the punishment for such subordination

is severe

Before I could get up,

four guards escorted me from my seat.


Strapped to a bed by feet and arms,

Howls of

why!” and “how!” or “this isn’t fair

escaped from my mouth.

Then in walked the Drug

A little more important than the rest he seemed.

And as a dope dealer might do to a dope whore; the Drug wrapped a band around

my arm tapped the vein a couple times

and after wiping the alcohol,

the Drug penetrated my veins and let his poison swim,

into my arms and blood stream.

Thirty seconds before I was totally gone

he asked me who I wanted to be

With one word I answered.

After that the rest seemed a clutter between reality and dreams

When I finally awoke my mind was blank,

but not Empty.

Luckily I had survived.


After the mandatory breakfast I was able to use the phone.

I looked at first in the Yellow Pages for a Lawyer, but

apparently they tear those pages out in a Hospital.

I resolved to call home in the hopes of finding a way out.

I called…

It rang twice.. .. ..

Brandon picked up, he was o.k.!

Thank God I thought.

He told me what mom thought;

and that really he had only had one adderall.

The drug test said the same.

I could tell she didn’t believe him, but I did.

Even the doctors resolved it to be just a weird incident,

that might require MRIs and follow-ups.

Still she didn’t believe him.

But I told him not to worry I’ll be out soon

I know they can’t keep me here forever.


Finally a day or two later they did let me out.

My mom picked me up.

I got the pills they said I should take.

She still thought the hospital was wrong.

She never wanted me back out, but once again,

they told her I seem perfectly fine

despite her wild accusations.

There was nothing she could do,

but let me back into her house.

For some reason I was fine with that

but it never really seemed like an escape.