An American Citizen

How much of what you’ve learned from America is true?

How much of what you’ve heard has made you hate?

How much of what you’ve seen on T.V. is lies?

Do you believe there are only around two-thousand soldiers dead?

Does anyone know how many civilians have been killed in these political WARS?

It has all been concealed, hidden, and authorized by our own President George W. Bush.

It was a false threat and a WMD allegation addressed by Cheney’s second in command, Bush.

Every U.S. network reported it and the terror alert rose to red and we all thought it was true.

Two days later we left to battle the first kind of many wars.

In thirteen days we had already dropped over 8,700 bombs, all the Iraqis could do was hate.

Our military said we were killing terrorists, a dictator’s army, all the civilians saw was death.

But now it’s all coming out and even our media is beginning to show us the lies.

What will it take to stop the war, stop the killing and stop the lies?

What will it take to stop the torture, stop the bribery, to stop Bush?

How many people in Iraq are already dead?

The war was for oil, for money and for control, but completely against the truth.

It wasn’t our flashy cars, fancy technology or wealthy lifestyles that spawned their hatred.

It was us, it was our government, it was our president and more than anything it’s been our wars.

Drug use and terrorism are intangible. This is America’s axis of war.

Each threat was caused by deliberate and decisive political lies.

Each time we consumed ourselves with media, terror alerts and worst of all one sided hate.

But the finger on the trigger of the U. S. military has always been President Bush.

Bush ordered attacks on civilian media offices and told his administration to then make up the truth.

But on Al Jazeera and BBC we could see them crushed and dead.

Reporters, custodians, women, children, just normal citizens all dead.

Civilians have been turned to soldiers and families to terrorists to help end this war.

The American Media has become the American Sitcom and the public believes it’s the truth.

The military, the government and even the president tells us Al Jazeera is nothing but lies.

But two of their buildings have been destroyed by precision missiles, directed by Bush.

Our military took out their hospitals their electricity, their water and still wonder why they hate.

I think it’s our own broken politicians who refute our constitution we should hate. Let’s hate them and hate war; let’s make war on war, kill it and leave it dead.

Let’s not forget the crimes against humanity let’s remember our dead, but please let us impeach Bush.

Let’s stop the PATRIOT Act, let’s free the journalists and civilians in Guantanamo and stop the war.

Once again let us be the great nation that we are and fight for the truth and ignore the lies.

Let us for once make sure anything the news media leads us to believe is true.

All humans hate lying, killing and war.

All humans spread lies and end up dead.

But this time it was our President, George W. Bush, who told us these lies were true.