Brandon's Watch

I guess for an artist, art must be complicated;

whatever the art is or can be defined as doesn't really matter,

the art simply must be complicated.

Me for instance, I have this watch...

its a very simple,

but still very important watch.

I want to write about it like an artist,

so it can't be simple

this watch must be complicated,

at least for me as the artist.

Otherwise the readers won't understand

how simple and plain this watch is.

They'll miss the point of my whole poem

Which is that my watch is simple.

It is a thing on my wrist which tells time.

That's it.

And this is a simple poem

about a simple watch, my watch.

A watch my brother used to wear,

the one he always kept 3 minutes fast.

The same watch I never set the time on

because I didn't want to ruin one of the last things he did.

Just a simple watch, nothing really remarkable about it,

well except maybe the 1/8 karat diamond,

the really good laser cut diamond my brother

picked out for that reason, but that's it,

a black face, a couple of hands, no numbers even,

just a simple watch I wear.

And before this watch was mine it was my mothers,

and I assure you for the sake of the poem,

she got it very simply from the police after they had

filled out some very easy paperwork and taken it

from the coroner who had previously taken it off of my brothers arm

a day after his last day of being sixteen.

And I wear this watch simply because

I Love Him.