Bumble Bees

I was just a kid

of about eight years old,

when I first saw death.

And, oddly enough,

I watched it,

creep into my palm.

Beneath white and pink rose petals,

for just a moment… . .. .

I could feel it.

Buzzing, humming gently and softly vibrating my palm

And then it stopped

Suddenly there was a cold wind

And I knew it,

For the first time I had felt death.

I saw death, as it fell from the vibrant summer roses onto the ashy soils below.

When I was eight years old

in the summer of third grade,

in my mother’s rose bushes,

I inspired death.

And for those few moments,

After the vibrations in my hand had stopped.

I knew,

that this cold, this wind, this world,

would all,

one day,