Dazed and confused in a black bottomless pit

Confused trapped in a silent awe, mystery is him, but he does not know all

His hell is others heaven He goes about his way no problems they see this kid is smart this kid we set apart this kid is amazing he knows of all things my thoughts can he hear as this rings true to my ear

I have no clue

I know not what you do I feel so alone so left in the dust

There is no one left no one left here to trust I walk thru my hell, they all think I’m so well Sometimes I know and can feel all their pain Other times I feel sheltered and out of their lane

The world is vast and open to me

Some hide their thoughts others tell with glee The truth of the matter is I’m not quite sure

I can not tell yet whose heart is pure I know there are some things I like in this world

And then there are others that piss me off when unfurled

The end of my rope the truly forsaken Envy is worthless and pride, love and lust only one of the three do I truly trust My world looks the same when turned upside down I’m sure it’ll be worse when the true meaning is found

It seems an adventure all the things that I’ve done The truth of the matter is its barely begun

Happiness is a truly sick word The meaning of which I have found thru the herb The hell of the world I have taken for free

The hell of a Pisces for that is me.