Dust in the wind: I awoke to a dark night. The skies here, filled with their ancient celestial mystery. My mind was ready for battle. As I rose with wings of fire from my Temporal Tomb my legendary guardian Merlyn was there to greet me. There was no need for words; we both already knew our quest.

We walked a long way until we reached Cathbad's River. After centuries of battle its waters have been darkened by the blood of the faithful and the forgotten. I stopped for a moment and witnessed in absolute awe as a dark blue-green creature arose from the murky depths. Merlyn turned and looked to my eyes, his stare beckoning me to follow. We continued on to the great Oak.

Merlyn began to spread the nightshade about the base of the tree. As he did the great beast guarding the mouth of Cathbad let out a cry that could break a mortals skull, but not I. To me the cry played as music in my ear, his call for battle has been received, and will now be answered. I rose to meet this beast, my body immersed in the darkest of flames, my eyes shut, and head down. I heard this great being as he circled my motionless form. I stayed hanging atop the raging wind waiting, just waiting.

The beast stopped floating just above the water, just as I. He looked directly at me. His nose is smoking and eyes full of rage. The world stopped the winds silent, the river still. The dragon attacked! He moved his claws toward me swiftly as a swallow. I grabbed his arm, yet he attempted again with his other extension, a pitiful joust. I held his arms in both my hands and only now did I open my eyes. Slow but steady and still looking down. Then all at once my eyes thrust upward to match his and the flames off my back illuminated the night sky. Together we were locked in our stare, In his thoughts I could see the world spinning out of control. His eyes spoke his fate; the stench of his fear was largely present.

His stare faltered, I choose to make my move. I removed my left hand from his arm and replaced it squarely upon his throat, silencing the beasts’ cries, as I began to tighten my grip I drew the beast into the whirl wind of my flames. He arched his back and drew his head up for one last glimpse at the sky, then his head fell and body went limp. As the beast died his scales turned to ash and his bones were blown away like so many memories, like dust in the wind.