Growing Up In The Burbs When I was young, horny and bored, I was active all the time. My emotions ran wild and I was viscous at school and in my home. My thoughts then moved a mile a minute so I decided it was time to choose my drug. Fifteen years old and I had never once altered the physical state of my mind. I wanted to die, I always felt like crap. Statistically I wasn't wrong Everyone's depressed Everyone uses something... So I decided to choose my drug, but I didn't know what I needed. So I did it all. Started with pot and then some speed a little wu banger. I stared to feel good. I tried other things like acid when I wanted to die and I found a drug that shows you death. It was called dust. I tried drinking some. I still felt like crap a lot, but only when I didn't have anything. I blew some yay-yo and at least a few bumbs of K. I've had bangin shrewms and I'm always smoking pot. Today I'm feeling better, still smokin pot, not really trippin or such anymore, but I did find my drug.