Last Man Standing:

The last time I saw life I was watching a flock of seagulls rise from the frozen tundra of this forsaken planet. They were all covered in ash from the billows of smoke rising from this once flourishing landscape.

I managed to make it through the chaos. The constant battles and bombings, there was not one day when I thought I would survive this insane crusade our entire race seemed to be on. Everyday I saw them perish. And each time it brought a tear to my eye to see them kill each other.

Some fought to keep alive others out of pride or obligation. There were few like me. The quiet ones are what this captain I once knew used to call us. Those like myself tended to generally attempt to avoid the fighting and live on what we found. Few were successful many were killed for the bits of food or water they had found, the others mostly just ended up wandering off.

Now there is no more fighting. And all that’s left, or at least what I’ve seen, is this frozen tundra covered by an empty sky. It’s always dark or gray now. The sun has been shaded since I was born, no stars no sun, all that is left in the sky now is a constant ocean of smoky clouds. It’s strange, the way things work out I mean. The human race was such a powerful and adapt species, no goal was too high, but in the end none of our ambition or knowledge was able to save us from ourselves.