Later On

Waking up in a place I know

Really just the house next door.

Eating a bit of food I bought

From moneys saved for survival.

It’s been three days since I’ve been back home.

She doesn’t care or hug

And almost never says she loves me.

I’m going to go back just one more time

I’ll tell her that I’m leaving.

Later On

Hi mom, I came back, to get my stuff

I just wanted you to know, I can’t stand it here

I’m moving out for good

And I’m not telling you where I’m going.

You disrespectful, self absorbed ungrateful druggie brat

Go on, move out, take your stuff and go

And by the way where is that report card you’ve been hiding

You know what, never mind I’m done I’m through and I just don’t care anymore.

Later On

Brandon took out all his clothes,

But he left them in the woods.

He lit a blunt he had rolled up

He was just hoping to stop crying.

He tied a rope around his neck

And he climbed up a sturdy tree.

He secured the rope around a branch.

And he let himself fall free.

The last thing he had said to me was “I’ll see you…

Later on…

In loving memory of Brandon Nicholas Eza.