(a physic dream)

I experienced it last night for the first time something I could of never dreamed until I did. The mystery and science and imagination that makes up the world. I helped someone for the first time the only way it could be done I helped him so one day one way he will know and understand and learn.

TO KNOW, TO WILL, TO DARE and the last one the final step he must find for himself to be a truth and a way of the world.


I walked in; the sounds awoke my senses as if for the very first time. I was reborn yet again a child in the world fresh with a new thought and perspective on life. I finally found out what I wanted to. And what you find or take from this is your own, but I have found life and I love it.

The scene was a band in a small house with a few veterans and locals of the hub. It was a vibrant song, filled with colors and lights and I wasn’t even sure what I was really listening to, but for a second it was great until I heard the song speak to me. It was as if a whisper in the breeze so silent it was completely unheard by the children but I heard it, he must know me? Or at least he wants to


his whispers float deep into my psyche, but so faint even I ignore it at first. Than louder and louder still yelling and raving “Insane YOUR INSANE”

and the music and his words matched thought as he glanced “Insane”.

I knew he knew, a match, some one he wants to know that’s what I am. I can feel it; here he’s in it he’s ready more than ever to learn what he hasn’t before.

So I saw and realized he was from my world. He wanted to know, he wanted to see, but he just didn’t know how. I brought him slowly in, in fact just listening to the music finding my own synch with the sound when I realized he should speak to the crowd and sing to them and with them, I subtly advised


and so “How’s everyone doing tonight I hope your having a good time”, wow he spoke I didn’t expect that. I stepped back and fell into a chair. So he knows for real he’s no player he knows the game or at least wants to learn. I must teach him

you must sing with them bring them into the music make them feel it make them rock and hear your sound. Don’t just look away at their sullen glances. You have to bring the music to them” you must get it from them and understand your life and the reality it’s not just about these petty things any more these small stupid ass things it’s about life. It’s about your life and what you want to do because you can and anything you know see or hear can be here, you just have to want it and to know what you want”

I want them to hear... no I want them to feel me I want them to feel me like they never have before”

So sing it sing to them what you feel. Just feel it feel the beauty of the motion and the rhythm and as you move tell them what you want them to hear....,,,”

I’m afraid I can’t I ‘scared “

But you can! Why are you afraid! You can’t be scared, it’s what you want. You want them to know what you feel? To show them and to see the wonder of life then let them know you’re alive. Show them their own life. Open your mind and let them feel what they hear ““I can’t I’m scared….. I won’t make it “ “””Let me have a beer over here””””

Ok well come on you can’t be that scared. Your here what have you got to lose.

It’s what have I got to lose in this life, that’s all.”

It’s just you. Won’t you have fun no matter what happens any way, so what do you really have to lose? I think the better question is how far have you fallen and then once you found you’re deepest point how far away from it can you get ““I CANT”

That’s it I’m going to take you there to what you need the most, your worst fear.”

I showed him exactly where his hell was. His worst times and he was afraid more frightened than he has been in life. He can’t live in that world and it was going back into that hole, maybe for the last time that let him see life, love, empathy and beauty.

I can see it what I’ve finally needed the hole to escape the people are my only boundary. I can show them anything”.

We left this world and the next for another celestial ball of energy inside our selves and, “how, how did it feel, life and love”

Now the music, it’s great and the beats and the world finally came together in true harmony. A beauty that doesn’t exist a wonder and greatness further than life in everyway.

It’s perfect”,

The music left its muse as if untouched and unmade until just now and they could all feel it now and I stood back up to sway into the song and let it move me farther than I’ve ever gone.

I saw the world and maybe for an instant, but a second later completely it was gone, but for that instant.

Maybe I felt something words won’t write but for a second I saw why and I didn’t know it then, but I grabbed it and held on so I wouldn’t be afraid.

Then we left and went our perspective ways the music still playing I don’t think I can deny it is true, the music is true I know that now. As the band gathered up and slowly moved out, I made it to the exit for the moment, without my muse. The lights are back out and my glasses back on.

But wait there he is, he sees me. We walk and as we do our feet connect to the earth by something greater than gravity and I feel it we both do and just as we are about to meet to pass our paths a final connection is definitely there and he wants to say something,...??

“””thank you” “”

Time stopped right then, the world did not turn and I was there to see it all. I left my restrictions behind and became what I am, fearless. I could feel it and from every angle in and out I could see and from my scarecrow stance I moved and turned left faster than any human ever had. He saw it, he got it, finally I showed them they will know and him he will live and love life until mystery itself grabs him, but for now he knows and understands the meaning of his creation, that’s enough I think. I finished my pace around the greatest ice warrior and even in the middle of time I can feel his love, and I moved back to my soul and after a great while the world returned and once again began to spin and we left each others psyche and physic theaters and we found greatness and felt greatness with in ourselves our minds our souls and in the only place we know, our hearts.