Is it inside out or outside in,

is it nothing

or just too small to see….

Maybe it’s an astral drain,

getting rid of the unused crap.

Maybe it’s a galactic generator

Slowly pulling electrons into protons

And pulverizing neutrons

Squeezing tighter and tighter

Making new elements we could never imagine

And these elements don’t even exist because the don’t even move

Eventually a photon will end up in the middle of it all

And blow the whole thing up.

Till then though its just

A cold dead black

And backwards star.

But is it even there

or is it just some weird


Maybe it is controlled

Or maybe it’s creating


there is a small organized galaxy

just like ours, but smaller


Maybe… or maybe it is just a dream

that sucks us in and never lets go.

and the dreamer can hold us

Deep down


In a cold and timeless

Black Hole.