Saints or Sinners

Trust men and they will be true to you; treat them greatly and they will show themselves to be great”

If one trusts man one must also accept that although ones fellow man can be trusted to bring back food he/she receiving the food can just as easily become the food when there is none (food) around. Mankind has made great strides in the world by trusting ones’ companions and believing in them, but when ones’ own goals, gains or self preservation are involved often times trust and greatness become mere words.

Trust is an important survival skill in itself; it can also lead to ones demise. Any time one gives or takes trust one is taking a risk and often times the possible gain involved in trust is significantly less than the risk. A policy of trusting all is sure to cause one a loss. For instance most people can be trusted to pay for their food and goods, but how can one trust a man whose not eaten for days not to take a bit of food if only to survive. Maybe it takes more than one to be simply starving to cause one to steal and forfeit their trust, but what if their children too were starving could they be trusted then? There is also a gain in trusting, what worries would a man have if he trusted all? As with all things though moderation is key not everyone is to be trusted on the same note not everyone is to be suspect.