Sweet Dreams:

I resolved to end the dark damp horrid torment of my pitiful existence. Yes tonight I’ll do it, silence the pain. The voices I can hear them; they’re calling to me. Yes, yes. NO!!! I can’t see you (WHY CAN’T I SEE YOU) who are you, why do you infiltrate my mind with your menacing howls? I need to sit; they’re closing in. The chair I can hear its pain like pins driving into my ears. Its’ legs, all three of them are moaning, as they splinter with the weight of my being, they’re stubs grinding into its’ base. It’s moaning at me! Its’ howls strike into my mind. Wait,….. I, I remember I’ve heard you before. Yes, yes in a dream. You’re after me. I know you’re after me; you’re all after at me. I’ve got to leave. I must get up. NO! You won’t take me. Not this time, not ever, you’ll never take me. Is this what you want? That is it isn’t it? You’re just playing this sick, twisted demented little game with my head to see just how long it would take, how long I could stand it till you break my so called primitive brain. SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP JUST SHUT UP. WHY WON”T YOU JUST SHUT UP! You won’t do it. I can stop it. I will stop it, I WILL STOP YOU! I’ll leave where you can’t follow. (Now where’s my knife. The Kitchen of course.) The piercing glare of the blade beckons to me. Ouuu it’s cold, but no matter your menacing cries of commands has made chilling pain a now burning pleasure. I’ll just push it a little harder past the fleshy barrier into the purple piping, Yes, finally at last I can feel it, the cold of the menacing knife against my now exposed muscle and I see, Yessss Oh yes that’s nice. A warm trickle of a crimson trail has flown itself to the top of my naked flesh, surrounding the razor edge of the shimmering blade. OH yes that’s perfect, you can’t stop me now, no one can. Your thunderous rantings’ will at long last be silenced. All right OK now just one more quick thrust and you’ll almost be there. Mmmrrrahh YES AHHHhhhhhhhhh…..Ohh it’s deep in me now, so deep, my blood looks almost like hot magma flowing in a continuous path out the summit of a living volcano. It has begun to drip and trickle; its glorious satin ropes have begun to wrap around my miserably tanned arm. My lungs are closing in on themselves. Every thing around me has begun to take a spiral motion and an array of brilliantly blinking stars has blanketed my eyes. It all feels so warm and comforting as if the perfect adrenaline rush, yet different somehow. The stars are flashing in a constant wave of pulsating energy bringing the feel of a warm ocean current on a bright summer’s day. With each passing pulse the feel heightens each time bringing a new awe-inspiring tingle upon my pumping bosom with each crashing wave. My shirt is a dripping fountain of my bodies living cells and a pool of very maroon plasma has swarmed around my dark leather hooves. My head is light as a feather while the world around me is twirling out of control so fast that even making out my own hand is an act seldom achieved. All right; Ok just one more move with the knife, I must only thrust it in towards myself one more time to thus rip apart my cohesive folds of flesh and muscle. Okay, I’m ready; I can do this. I’ll go slowly, to enhance every sensation. I can’t watch. Ohhhhh the sensation of the now warm razor edge of the blade passing through a thick layer of epidermis allowing a gush of warm blood to mist from my spreading wrist. My fingers have begun to twitch in succession as the blade draws back to my elbow. My arms feel so weak and my legs are like, wait... I… I.. I’m falling. Holy shit I can feel the glistening blade as it plunges straight through my arm and I hit the ground. It is accompanied by a deafening crack and an unbearable pain. I don’t want to look; I really really don’t want to see it, Oh my god. Oh my god, Oh my god, what have I done this was not supposed to happen. It’s in my arm! HOLY SHIT it’s in my arm holy shit it went right through the bone. I can’t move my hand, my hand won’t move. Calm down chill out, I’m just gonna leave it there don’t worry, don’t worry. All right it’s not that bad, it’s not that bad. All right come on pull yourself together. I should look at it, I have to look at it OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD, it’s big; it’s really, really big. The blade… it didn’t look this big before. It’s big; it’s huge. What am I gonna do what am I gonna do? Blood is pouring out of it, it’s all over I’m covered in it. It’s cold sooo gruesomely cold. I’m lying in my now freezing blood. It’s so cold. I feel buried in a million tiny little ice slivers each one is colder and sharper than the last. All over my body every previously inconspicuous feeling is jumping out at me from all directions. MY EYES I can’t see everything has begun to blur together. BLACK! It’s all red it’s all dark crimson syrup that surrounds my entire body. The separate shades of red I can’t distinguish, moving in circles so fast. Where am I? I, I can’t remember. It’s just dark, no color, no light, no heat, no one. (STOP) Wait what’s that off in the distance. That noise... It’s them, they can help me, I know they can, they must, I can see them. A few insignificant specks of sparkle off scattered on the horizon rapidly cornering my own essence. Yes Oh Yes they’re coming in closer. I’m beginning to make them out. Wait, no? I know these sounds? But NO it can’t be it mustn’t. IT IS! It’s you again. Why WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY ………. [THIS MAN NOW DEAD!] Trent, hey Trent, hey wake up, TRENT (his eyes open) “Huh Wha why…” It’s you from my dreams, I I can see you! Finally; wait this might be bad. Why am I still cold? I can’t think I don’t remember; ANYTHING! “Good morning, what happened to you bad dream” (She unsheathes the knife from his arm and asks) “WHY!!!!!” [THERE IS NO ESCAPE FROM ONES OWN REALITY ONLY ENTRY TO A NEW ONE] Hour’s later paramedics pick up a 911 call. Alright guys pack it up, this ones too far gone he’s flat lining, there’s nothing we can do now. Call it. Time of death 11:06.