A man once compared himself to Jesus and Lucifer. I listened as he told me

I asked myself a question” he said

I asked who am I more like Jesus or Lucifer” ”Lucifer”, I said.

He retorted “yes but why?”

well because your scary, and crazy...” he stopped me mid sentence “No, I’ll tell you why” he paused did his thing

It is because when Jesus died he didn’t go to heaven.”

he couldn’t; when he died he said, he was dying for the sins of all mankind”,

when he died he died with sin in his blood”

All of mankind’s sin and so according to the bible he would have been generally condemned to hell”,

Oh my god your right Jesus is trapped in hell that’s hilarious” I said, he smiled a bit but he had this really otherworldly look in his eye as he did.

He took a drag off his cig and puffed the blunt and then looked up at me again. “but that’s not it, with Jesus the almighty out of the way so to put it, there is no longer anything to keep Lucifer from heaven, so Lucifer now controls heaven and it is The Almighty who is now condemned to hell” another drag off his cig

so hell is heaven and heaven is hell” I said

yes, and yes there is still more”

when Jesus died he proclaimed he was dying for all the sins of mankind”

he didn’t specify all sins of mankind for this moment this second; he said all sins of mankind”

this means Jesus proclaimed that there was no more sin ever or at least not fear of it”

by Jesus’ own words he has allowed all who die to enter heaven for they would always be free from sin. Jesus had taken it for his own”

he waited a moment and I sat in awe

so according to Christianity no matter what you do you go to heaven”

At that point he turned put his cigarette out on the rock next to him looked up and quickly vanished into the night.