The Death of a Queen

Throughout the existence of nothing and into the existence of man there has been only one creature which is infallible and omnipotent. For when this creature first existed there was nothing and from this creature came everything.

Let’s start at the beginning, a time where there was no sin nor was there good, only equal tranquility with the rest of the Darkness.

Here this creature is lying in peaceful slumber waiting only to wake and raise a dawn to all time. For eons she lies in waiting, seeing nothing, hearing nothing and sensing absolutely nothing at all. Until at one point she stirs from her slumber. Still it is only her. She has no form only mind and she can see nothing, but she and her form is anything she can see.


Still she is only seeing what lies within her own head. For she has not eyes, nor ears, nor nose, or any sense. All is,... is what she thinks. So she thinks, since she is all that is, she thinks of herself. There is nothing else; only what she knows. So she thinks and ponders. She thinks not in words as this is written, but in pure, untouched, unrefined, thought.

With her first thought she thinks nothing and imagines black and so becomes her home the universe. Filled with darkness in space or perhaps space in darkness. This universe begins to build around her expanding into unlimited horizons stretching out in every direction. Knowing not of how or why, but only that this void seems to bring an understanding that she is all there is.

She sees herself first as the smallest dot in her own creation, in an ever-expanding universe. She envisions herself as a stepping stone of her own devices. But sees herself now as a dot, she knows not what she does, for she still has no sense of anything, save for in the coldest of regions, the region of mind.

In her mind she pleads to the gods (her own higher power) to send her home, back where she came from, But there are none. Still she continues to wish for the one thing she may not have and the one thing she may never have, her home and her higher power, but alas she is trapped in her own black hell.

Like a comatose patient she is encased in the furthest regions of her own still dark mind. With that she displays her first emotion, an emotion which all must posses to survive.


And after eons of agony and waiting. Waiting; she is still in despair. For her there is still no response. No answer to her pleas only black and she waits for what seems like an eternity, but in actuality is no time. For still there is no time.

But waiting is not what bothers her it is her own peaceful slumber and dark serenity which draws her sorrow.

Now with not ever a realization her next emotions are spawned



PAIN?Ecstasy shall be reserved for only the pure of heart!