The Love of Artemis

The Death of Sirius

Sirius, you dog

hounding after your master

driven be no seen force.

Were you confused Sirius?

When you saw your master floating in the sky,

you chased him night after night till sleep,

and finally when I came to tell you he was dead.

You attacked



and cried,

but I did not stop you….


It was me, who did it

and I did love him

as you do love him.

I chased him

like you chase him,

but you protected him

like I never could.

You Sirius are greater than a god

as he was greater than a god.

I know and have seen

both of your

unrelenting loyalties, kind hearts and lion like courage.

Never give up faith

I will put you at his heels.

So follow him,

wherever he goes

until maybe one day when you’ll meet again.