Ann Landers Go To Hell

“Ann Landers Go To Hell”

The Lady With All The Answers by David Rambo is about the divorce of Eppie (the voice of Ann Landers) from her husband. At the same time this play also questions the audience, Eppie’s readers and Eppie herself as to whether, if given the opportunity to do it (life) again, would one do it all the same? Eppie gives the audience the impression that she would, but what is over looked in this assessment are the opinions of her former husband, her sister and to a lesser degree her daughter. This leaves the audience with Eppie’s readers’ opinions and her own and unlike Eppie, her readers often feel misguided, resentful and even angry at Eppie for having given bad advice or in a manner of speaking had made the wrong decision for themselves, they feel because of Eppie.

Dear Ann Landers: This is to let you know that I took your crummy advice and it wrecked my whole life… (Re: the file she holds — ) I call this chapter “Ann Landers, Go To Hell.” (Another Letter — )

…You have made so much trouble for me, I considered a lawsuit. My cousin, who is an attorney, says I have no legal grounds, but I want to tell you how your stinky column almost cost me my marriage (And another —) (Rambo 19) ”

Although Eppie seems satisfied with her own life, she causes a significant amount of damage to others through her column. Of course it is up to the readers to decide if the want to listen to the advice or not, but throughout the play Eppie seems to feel she has the best advice and that she has made the best decisions, even when it turns out that divorce is her personal answer after years of telling readers to stick it out and hang in there after things like adultery or scandals. Furthermore, she disregards not only her readers’ opinions, but her families as well. After her husband is found to be cheating she doesn’t leave any options on the table other than “this marriage is over”, she doesn’t talk her sister about how she feels about her column and finally her daughter’s advice is disregarded when Margo (Eppie’s daughter) asks her mom not to go on a talk show with a pornographic star.

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