Creating an Advertisement

Creating an advertisement nearly always has the same immediate goal: Get a message to a community.

  • But what message and what community? Its always a good idea to start by considering what you would like the reaction to the advertisements to be. Once you know whether you would like to; create leads, improve brand awareness or improve product purchases, it is then when you want to consider your audience. If you have a high close rate among relatively few leads a smaller target audience is fine, but if your close rate versus your lead acquisition is low you may want to consider a more broad advertising approach. Also, are there particular customers that tend to respond to your company? There is a way to make sure your ads are targeted and specified to the market of your consumers.
  • The link below allows you to enter a zip code and retrieve the specific segments of market preferences for that area. Take a look at some of the magazines and other forms of adverting the people in your zip code tend to respond to.
  • This is just one example of how you can target specific advertisements to consumers who respond to your products or services.